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Group lessons

We provide individual lessons in small groups. As a result, we are able to address the requirements of our riders and simultaneously ensure well-behaved, contented teaching horses.

We place emphasis on a correct, secure basic seat, delicate communications and autonomous riding (no rigid group riding structures)

Riding treks

What could be better than enjoying the magnificent Tyrolean natural environment on horseback?

Lunge work

Basic training on a lunge is the prerequisite for good and horse-friendly riding. Even advanced riders benefit greatly from a seat lunge.

Privat lessons

Private lessons are excellently suited for working on individual aspects in order to obtain sustainable learning success.

Riding for boys

Here, we especially create space for a great deal of fun, games and adventure with horses for our little cowboys, knights and horse-whisperers.

Boys often have a completely different approach to horses and riding, and we wish to satisfy them too.


Vaulting is a fantastic sport! And moreover, it is ideal preparation for riding. In a group of 6 to 10 children, it is possible for them to learn from one another, and this makes the exercises, with and without horses, twice as much fun.

Equine knowledge

We place great value on the careful handling of horses. For this reason, we repeatedly offer theory lessons, where “the associated aspects” are taught and intensified.


Movement with horses: there is much to learn!
If you know what you are doing, you can do what you want. (Moshe Feldenkrais) How you sit on the horse? How does it feel? Is your horse able to implement what you want to do? And during all this; can you still feel what your horse wishes to communicate to you? It pays to take the time and train your body awareness; as a result, you can easily develop alternative movements. In the case of Feldenkrais with horses, we provide you with the time to sense the movements of both yourself and the horse; to recognise your movement patterns and to change these if necessary.

Who should take such courses?
  - Everyone who enjoys investigating movement whilst riding
  - Everyone who wishes to train their body awareness
  - Those learning movements, i.e. all beginner riders, those who would simply like to try it out or those who would like to try it out again!
  - Everyone who wishes to introduce a little relaxation into their riding
  - Everyone who seeks to form a bond between themselves and their horse

Equilino Ponyclub

Equilino Mini Spielgruppe (3-5 Jahre)
Playfully discover the world of horses together with ponies and other children. One group comprises of a maximum of 4 children and one pony. Our little riders benefit from short riding sequences; as a result the children can slowly acquaint themselves with the movements of the pony without being overtaxed. The emphasis is not on performance here, but rather on cleaning, caring, feeling, riding and lots of opportunity for fun and games.

  - How do I behave around ponies and horses?
  - How to feel safe; the children learn a lot about the reactions of horses, safe handling und safety whilst riding
  - Understanding the horse; we take a look at horse language

Equilino Pony Club (5-8 years)
  - Based on the Mini club – basic knowledge regarding care and keeping   
  - Discover how to handle a horse sensitively and assertively  
  - Learn a well-balanced seat position  
  - From the ground work right up to the influence of the rider when on the horse
  - We are a team, and the horse is a respectful part of this team

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